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Magento is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce stores and allows businesses of any size to sell their products online. With its extensive features and capabilities, Magento is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to create a professional online store.

Below, we have listed more than 30 reasons and fun facts why you should choose web-vision as your Magento agency.


Close connections in the Magento community
web-vision has been developing projects based on Magento for over 10 years. The first Magento projects were already created and published before the first official release of Magento 1.0 and completely replaced established store systems like OSCommerce or XT-Commerce at web-vision. For years, employees have participated in Magento conferences, camps and un-conferences.


In-House: Top Magento Contributor on Magento Stack Exchange
Since February 2023, web-vision has been able to hire Top Contributor Mahesh as an employee. Mahesh is dedicated to providing help around Magento and answering questions from the community on Magento Stack Exchange during and alongside his working hours. Mahesh is onMagento Stack Exchange Top 3 Contributor worldwide (as of 10/2023). At web-vision Mahesh works mainly in extension development and for customer projects.


Adobe Bronze Solution Partner
web-vision has been a Bronze Solution Partner of Adobe Commerce since 2020. The partnership with Adobe underscores web-vision's support of both the Magento open source community and its commercial offshoot, Adobe Commerce.


Founder of FGTCLB Agency Network
We are proud to be a founding member of the FGTCLB Agency Network, which is a perfect solution for large web projects and offers a strong network of more than 100 web professionals around open source software in six locations in the heart of Europe.


Hyvä Early Adopter
web-vision is Hyvä agency of the first hour. Even before the official 1.0 version of the Hyvä theme was released, web-vision positioned itself as an integration partner. With pumpe24, the first implementation based on Hyvä began as early as February 2021. As of October 2023, web-vision has now already implemented six pagespeed-optimized stores with Magento and Hyvä Theme. Another three stores are currently under development.


High development competence
The high development competence for individual requirements distinguishes web-vision as a Magento agency from purely design-oriented agencies. With the acquisition of the Magento extension brand Extendware, web-vision was able to further strengthen its focus on development in April 2022.


Pagespeed Optimized Magento Shops
The Magento stores developed by web-vision with Hyvä Theme are optimized for fast loading times. The "3-second rule" propagated by Google as a conversion killer for customers, we top with loading times ofunder one second.


In-House: Magento Extensions Made in Germany
With the acquisition of the Magento extension brand Extendware, web-vision now has more than 75 Magento extensions under development. The numerous extensions also include well-known extensions such as the DeepL Translate Extension for Magento.


Livechat support for extensions in German and English
For the Magento extensions offered by Extendware, web-vision offers international livechat support in German and English in addition to the usual ticket support. The livechat can be reached on the Extendware website at the bottom right via the speech bubble icon.


Free of charge: Extension Installation Service
All Extendware extensions are installed on demand in both live and staging systems. If desired, we also take care of the integration into version control, repositories and deployment processes.


Product development with Magento or Adobe Commerce
web-vision develops products based on Magento or Adobe Commerce. From individual development for online stores, own extensions such as the DeepL Translate Extension for Magento, to complex Magento projects such as the online store with merchandise management connection, web-vision delivers first-class and targeted solutions with Magento as the core system.


Free of charge: Magento High Speed Import
The connection to an ERP or merchandise management system is a frequent request for operators of a Magento online store. web-vision has been developing the Magento High Speed Import since Magento 1.x, which can import product and category data into Magento within a very short time. The MHSI has its own user interface, is able to import CSV and XML data and can be downloaded for free on Github. The documentation is available in English and German.


Free of charge: TYPO3 and Magento Integration
The extensions "Mage UniTY" developed by web-vision connect TYPO3 with Magento and thus offer many possibilities for better SEO content. With Mage-UniTY timed content, individual content for filter or pagination pages, categories or product pages can provide significantly more visibility in Google. The Magento extension is available for free in the Extendware GitHub account and the TYPO3 extension is available for free in the web-vision GitHub account.


Professional Magento Development 
The strong focus on professional development distinguishes web-vision from design-focused agencies. Code versioning, automated testing, continuous integration and zero-downtime deployments are part of our daily business.


Professional project management according to Scrum or Kanban
From requirements elicitation using requirements engineering techniques, to the collection of development tasks in agile projects, to quality assurance. Our project managers are Scrum certified experts and help our customers to achieve their goals. In doing so, projects are implemented in an agile manner, either according to Scrum or Kanban methodology.


Free of charge: Coordination and consulting appointments
Regular coordination appointments and jour fixes with our project managers are free of charge and give our customers the necessary impulses for better conversions, show current developments in the visibility of websites and online stores and inform about the latest developments and trends around TYPO3, Magento and other open source solutions.


Requirements Engineering
Requirements in online store projects are often still unspecific at the beginning. Our project managers are trained requirements engineers and help to sharpen the requirements, define goals or even prioritize them for development. Even before the project begins, the checklist for online stores developed by web-vision helps to collect requirements and thus serves as a basis for an initial effort estimate.


With Walt Disney to MoSCoW to INVEST SMARTly
At web-vision, Walt Disney is not only known for its comics, but a method for requirements elicitation in the context of requirements engineering. MoSCoW is also much more than just a city in Russia for us, but a method for prioritizing requirements. For the specification in the context of a user story we use, together with our customers, the INVEST method to provide this with acceptance criteria for the development according to the SMART principle.


Scrum and Magento certified employees
At web-vision we permanently focus on the education and training of our employees. The qualification and certification of our employees in the various areas of Magento development is therefore natural and indispensable for us.


Professional project and budget controlling
Projects are considered successful if they have met the desired requirements and delivered on time and on budget. On the individual project dashboards, web-vision customers can always find the current budget usage in the individual development epics. Daily time tracking on user stories and tasks, are automatically evaluated at specific thresholds and notify developers, project management and customers. Documented budget reconciliations take place together with customers, project managers and, if desired, with the development teams.


Versioned Magento Development
All code developed by web-vision is versioned in an audit-proof manner. This means that we can always answer questions like these: When was the code created, published and why was it created. And even a rollback to a previous state is possible at any time.


Multi-stage Magento development and publishing system
web-vision's established multi-stage development with isolated development systems, separate preview and acceptance instances and productive environments publish developments through Continuos Integration without any downtime. Automated code and smoktests secure code releases and can automatically roll back entire deployments within seconds in case of failure.


Competences also in adjacent technologies
Besides the core systems Magento and TYPO3, web-vision team members also master necessary adjacent technologies and techniques such as Linux and server administration, automated tests, accessibility, SEO / SEM, online marketing and much more.


Free of charge: SEO Monitoring
web-vision has been a Sistrix partner for years. Customers receive free SEO monitoring and regular SEO reports, which are also discussed in the regular jour fixes. Additional reports, optimized for the relevant website KPIs, can be requested on demand.


Conversion and KPI-driven development
New and further development of online stores or websites is often driven purely by design aspects and opinions. Not infrequently, conversions or important performance indicators for the success of a website are disregarded. At web-vision we think for our customers, we proactively recommend changes to increase conversion and performance.


24/7 Server and Magento Monitoring
The permanent and regular monitoring of the servers, software packages, applications and Magento instances managed by web-vision is a standard part of any project support. This way our admins and developers know about resource bottlenecks, upcoming security updates or potential attacks at an early stage.


Specialized in managed Magento hosting
With our brand web-vision is hosting provider for high availability clusters, specialized in managed Magento hosting. Customers like Hochschule für erneuerbare Energien Eberswalde, Bistum Limburg, HAW Hamburg, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and many more rely on professional and scalable hosting from web-vision.


Networking with the Magento Community
web-vision employees are strongly networked in the Magento community and can therefore make direct contact with well-known community members, extension authors, and Magento agencies "in the shortest possible way" with regard to Magento Core or extension issues.


Competitive prices and fast time-to-market
web-vision manages to offer Magento stores at attractive prices through lean and largely standardized development processes. Especially through the introduction of the Hyvä theme, the necessary developments in the store frontend could be further streamlined, so that nowadays an individual Magento store from web-vision is also affordable for startups or e-commerce starters and can be realized in a few weeks.


Core-oriented Magento development
Magento is a powerful tool and online store system. The strategy of core-related development pursued by web-vision avoids the use of unnecessary third-party extensions as far as possible, in order to be able to carry out upgrades efficiently and in a budget-friendly manner. Maintenance and further developments are thus consistently aligned with the future development of the Magento core. Our customers benefit from leaner and easier-to-maintain systems that also require less training.


Web Accessibility according to WCAG and BITV
With our experts for web accessibility we realize barrier-free Magento stores for industry and trade. In addition, web-vision offers accessibility audits and provides improvement approaches for existing websites and helps online editors of Magento systems with implementation through training and documentation.


High quality and professional implementation

0% financing or leasing possible

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Online growth has accelerated significantly as a result of the Corona pandemic. The leap of 13.6 billion euros or 23 percent compared with the previous year results in online retailsalesin Germany of 73 billion euros. Source: Online Monitor 2021, HDE Handelsverband Deutschland

web-vision accompanies you as a full service Magento agency in the implementation of your online store. From consulting and planning to development and publishing, web-vision is at your side. In addition, web-vision as a Magento agency takes over further services such as performance or marketing optimizations, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Your Magento Agency web-vision

Magento agency web-vision offers professional solutions for your online store. As experienced Magento specialists, we are able to customize your store to your individual needs, giving you a competitive edge.

Conversion-oriented development and consulting are our focus.

Our services range from the conception and implementation of individual design solutions to the optimization of loading times and the implementation of extensions to search engine optimization. Thanks to our many years of experience and our knowledge of the latest trends and technologies, we are able to offer you an online store that is not only visually appealing, but also convincing in terms of performance and functionality.

As a Magento agency, we work closely with our customers to achieve the best possible results. We are happy to advise you on which solutions are best suited for your store and support you in the implementation.

Trust in the experience and competence of the Magento agency web-vision and let us take your online store to the next level together. Contact us now for a non-binding offer.

Magento Online Shop References (excerpt):

CW Mobile

Magento 2 online store with hyvä theme

  • Top Pagespeed for Google and conversions
  • Upgrade from Magento 1.9.x to Magento 2.4.x
  • SEO and content marketing with TYPO3 - Mage UniTY


Magento 2.4 online store for pump specialist

  • b2c store for end customers with Hyvä theme for extra fast pagespeed
  • Resonsive implementation and Ajax-Add-To-Cart


Magento 2.4 Multi-Shop with Hyvä Theme

  • Top pagespeed
  • Three stores for France, Spain and Germany
  • Migration from two Magento 1 instances to one Magento 2 system
  • Engraving configurator conception and development


Magento 2.4x for flooring and parquet

  • b2c Shop with Simple-Order-Process
  • Error-tolerant search with Elastics Search
  • Automatic exports and imports
  • Migration to Magento 2.4 and Hyvä

Magento certifications

We permanently focus on the education and training of our employees. The certifications of our employees in the various areas of Magento development is therefore a matter of course for us. As of 05/2020, our employees have the following Magento certifications:

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