Magento 2 store based on the Hyva theme

Schmuckado: Magento 2 Hyvä Shop

In April 2022, the new Magento 2 store for Schmuckado was launched. Schmuckado Stands for "jewelry, give away with engraving" and offers a wide product selection of customizable jewelry for him and her. The Magento 2 store runs on the basis of our Hyvä theme and impresses with appealing product presentation, clear navigation structures and ease of use.

In addition to the German-language Magento 2 store, the international multishops for the French and for the Spanish market were developed and launched in parallel.

Feature-rich jewelry configurator for personalized favorite pieces

Schmuckado customers can easily personalize the desired products directly in the online store. Before selecting the engraving, customers can already choose the chain type (armor, leather, ball chain) as well as color (gold, silver, rosé, etc.) and the length of the chain and individualize the piece of jewelry in the further steps to their heart's content. In addition to the selection of the engraving type (laser or diamond), the font and size of the engraving, text alignment and length of the text can of course be selected conveniently via user-friendly drop-down elements.

The total price of the personalized favorite item is calculated directly on the product page after each selection made, without forcing a page reload that is annoying for the customer. The user thus does not leave the original product page during the entire process of product customization, which can significantly reduce the potential bounce rate due to distractions or permanent reloading.

Efficient single-page checkout

Lengthy, multi-step checkout processes often distract customers from completing their purchase and should therefore have been a thing of the past long ago. To minimize such bounces in the checkout process at Schmuckado, we have therefore opted for a user-friendly and convenient single-page checkout process that minimizes the risk of bounces.

In the next expansion stage, the checkout will be replaced by a modern and particularly fast checkout process, which is based on the React programming language and integrates seamlessly into the Magento store. The release is already planned for September 2022.

Automatic address completion through Google Maps API

Another measure to simplify and streamline the checkout process is the integration of automatic address completion using the Google Maps API. Even while entering the delivery address, the user receives suggestions for completion and can simply select the address from the suggestions. Zip code and city are then completed automatically.

SEO content for filtering with Mage UniTY

The fact that advisory, explanatory content for optimal product presentation in online stores is an important SEO measure is probably known to everyone by now. This often involves simple introductory texts on the category pages, which are placed above or below the product portfolio - as is the case with Schmuckado.

But we go one step further here:

Thanks to Mage UniTY individual content is displayed on the category pages depending on the filtering of the search results. For example, if the user makes a restriction on the material or color of the products, the introductory content also changes to match the topic. As a result, the customer not only receives a thematically appropriate advisory text, but the filtered category page also ranks separately in the search engines.

This makes it possible to create a large number of landing pages for special filters and to place them on Google, Bing and other search engines, which significantly increases visibility.

Mautic integration for targeted email marketing

The Mautic marketing automation solution was also integrated for optimal customer targeting via e-mail marketing. After signing up for the newsletter, interested parties receive regular, target group-specific news and offers, as well as individual, personalized incentives after completing the first purchase. The integration of Mautic enables Schmuckado to address customers directly and easily and also provides extensive insights and statistics.

Optimal pagespeed thanks to Hyvä theme

Once again, this project shows the positive effects that the use of our optimized Hyvä theme has on the pagespeed. Without further optimization measures, 90 out of 100 possible points are already achieved in the desktop view!