eCommerce with Magento 2.4 and hyvä Theme

KLYD's online store went live in April 2023 and was upgraded to the latest Magento 2.4.5 version to create a stable foundation for the fast growing online business. Numerous optimizations, especially in terms of load time and performance, as well as user-friendliness result in highest rankings in the Google Lightspeed Check

On mobile devices, thus achieves a score in the area of performance of 95 (out of a maximum of 100 achievable points), and on desktop computers even a score of 100 performance points.

Also in the other areas of SEO, accessibility and best practices, the KLYD store is among the best even far beyond the market companion stores beyond the industry. 

The home page of loads in less than one second in most browsers today, topping the 3.5 seconds specified by Google for online stores.


High quality and professional implementation

0% financing or leasing possible

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Online platform for local jewelers

Order online & get your service locally

Local & online go hand in hand with each other, that's the idea behind KLYD. The jeweler's team wants to create an online marketplace for jewelers, but one that does not aim to exclude local stores, but rather to include them. The online store asks for the opportunity to provide a common point of contact for exclusive jewelry and watches. Users can find their personal piece of jewelry from a broad online portfolio, and stationary jewelers have a secure point of contact for their online presence. In addition, online shoppers have the option to access their service locally.

Hyvä Theme for Magento 2.4

In a faster & more modern guise

The core of the relaunch is the switch to the powerful & faster template engine Hyvä to optimize the overall performance of the webshop. The page speed is significantly improved and delivers a pleasant user experience. In the course of this, we have also adapted the mobile layout, as most of the accesses take place via mobile devices. In addition, our MHSI Import Extension is in use to accommodate the jeweler & brand subpages. Because every jeweler can present his products individually on his content page as well as brands on their brand subpages. With an increasing variety of products, the flexible & timely import ensures that the products are always up to date.

Checkout made easy

A new checkout with easier handling leads to more sales. The new look and faster usability, are newly added by the Hyvä compatible Aheadworks Checkout. As a universal payment provider for credit card payment, stripe is integrated - besides the popular payment providers Klarna & PayPal.

Faster performance = more conversions

Due to the better performance of the checkout, the user experience is much more pleasant and conversion rates can be increased. In the next steps, shipping tracking with DHL is planned to combine the buyer experience with even more anticipation.


KLYD Background

Created in 2016 around the founder Fatih Islek. Progressed further over the years, with another founder joining in 2018 and contributing expertise in sales - Alice Perchia Calcerrada. Then in 2021, the team grew further, with two more partners from Sales and Technology. The next step was the relaunch of the Magento webshop based on Hyvä Theme to further expand and optimize the online capabilities.