Magento - advantages for store owner

Magento is the world's most popular eCommerce system because it combines functionality with ease of use. It offers outstanding opportunities to drive your own business forward and boost customer loyalty. Here is a brief summary of the most important advantages for you as a store operator:

Multishops for countries or markets

Operate several stores within a single installation - manage individual product stocks, languages, currencies, design templates, domains, customers or orders. A shared product catalog can also be used in different online stores.

Integrated warehouse management

Control and monitor your entire item stock without any programming knowledge. Thanks to automated stock reconciliation, you are informed immediately if your stock falls below a previously defined minimum quantity.

Customizable reporting

Automate the creation and analysis of your online stores, locations or product categories. You can also subscribe to numerous statistics as RSS feeds.

Search Engine Optimizing (SEO)

A key factor for the success of your online store and for a positive development of your visitor numbers is the best possible ranking in the most relevant search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Magento comes with everything you need to get your online store where your customers will find it - at the top. A versatile selection of on-page optimization tools serves as the basis for good positioning. Further SEO options can be set if required.

Connecting your online store to Google Analytics also allows you to create further analyses.

Sell traditional and digital products

Regardless of the nature or variety of your products, you can sell anything with Magento. Be it textiles in different sizes, colors and styles or e-books. Any type of product can be easily transferred to your article master. The article-specific input options required for inclusion in the article inventory are automatically displayed as soon as the product is entered.

Interfaces for data exchange

Combine your Magento store with CRM, ERP or content management systems (e.g. TYPO3) and take advantage of seamless communication. Magento has a REST (Representational State Transfer) API, a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) API, a GraphQL API, an OData (Open Data Protocol) API, a Bulk API and an Asynchronous API, as well as numerous import and export functions.

Attributes with shopping cart and catalog rules

Product attributes can be used to assign any number of features, such as technical data, to products and bundle them into attribute sets. These in turn can be used for filter navigation, product comparisons or special promotions. For example, you can define a shopping cart rule for the color attribute that allows you to offer a special discount for a "yellow" product, with or without a coupon code.

Additional services for your customers

Increase your sales through your service. Options such as wish lists, surveys, social media integrations or product reviews give your customers the feeling that their opinion is taken seriously and valued. This is often rewarded as good service and also results in rising sales figures.

Magento also offers the option of informing online store customers about current products or offers via a newsletter or RSS function.

Extensive payment options

Magento offers a wide range of payment options: Bank transfer, check, on account, by credit card, direct debit, prepayment or cash on delivery - the choice is yours. Current payment methods such as PayPal, Payone or Amazon Payment can also be conveniently set up via the Magento backend. There are currently over 350 payment plugins available for Magento.

Fast, intuitive article management

The fast backend article management allows you to quickly create an extensive product catalog for your online store. Filtering by any product attributes, stores or time periods as well as the options for mass processing of products simplify the editing of the product catalog.

Shipping options and settings

Connect your Magento store to a logistics company such as freight forwarders, DHL, UPS or FedEx to initiate the shipping of orders immediately.

You can also freely determine the shipping costs - whether fixed costs, free shipping from a certain order quantity or based on the price, number or weight of the items ordered.