24/7 Monitoring with Zabbix

All servers, with the Magento stores,TYPO3 websites and other web applications hosted there, are monitored by us around the clock, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, with special Zabbix monitoring servers.

In addition to the pure accessibility of the server, we check necessary system services such as httpd (web server), IMAP, POP and SMTP (mail services), ping (general accessibility of the server), Plesk Control Panel, SSH, (S)FTP and many others regularly automated.

Furthermore, critical system parameters such as the number of processes, number of logged-in users, load, disk space, as well as the accessibility of certain content on websites (HTTP/S content) are also checked automatically.

All monitoring triggers different alarm processes and escalation chains depending on the status (OK > Warning > Critical), which are initiated from a pure email notification, via SMS to push messages to at least three administrators. In addition to the 24/7 monitoring by Zabbix, we have another, external monitoring, where we also automatically perform a content check. The alerting is done here, analogous to Zabbix, also via email and push notification.

As the operator of a web application, a Magento store, or a TYPO3 website, you as a customer can name us a URL for the content check, which we then additionally check for a specific term free of charge. As a rule, we create a review page for this purpose, such as https://www.web-vision.de/monitoring.html, where the term "monitoring" is then also searched for. This page can also be excluded from analysis by services such as Google Analytics or Piwk, so as not to distort the access figures. With this method we ensure that the web server is accessible from the outside and, if the website is an application such as Magento or TYPO3, the database is also available at the same time.

Application monitoring for TYPO3 and Magento

In addition to 24/7 server monitoring, we monitor the Magento online stores and TYPO3 websites we support with special application monitoring solutions in order to be able to react quickly to new security patches for the core systems, third-party extensions or configuration adjustments.