Magento development

As a long-standing Magento agency, web-vision develops Magento extensions and add-ons for both Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x systems to make the daily workflow of running your Magento store more efficient.

According to your specifications and requirements, our multi-certified Magento developers develop suitable solutions for your Magento store and can draw on over 12 years of Magento experience.

Also the connection for the most different merchandise management or ERP software could be implemented successfully. Here is an excerpt of connections that have already been made: DATEV, AS400, Sage GS Auftrag, Amicron Faktura, Pollex LC, SAP Business One, Imperial, Alphaplan, LaCash, Navision and many more.

Magento development by certified developers

Our team of certified Magento developers will be happy to implement your online store or Magento extension. Request a quote here.

Product developments around Magento

In addition to individual developments for various online store customers, web-vision develops its own product portfolio of Magento extensions.

Below you will find an excerpt of available Magento extensions, which are already in use several times in different Magento stores. In addition, web-vision develops individual extensions and solutions according to project planning and customer specifications that are specifically tailored to your applications

Magento High Speed Import

Magento only offers basic functionality to import products, e.g. from an ERP system, and make them available in the Magento store. Especially with a large number of several thousand products, the standard Magento Dataflow interface is too slow. It is not uncommon for product imports to take between 8-20 seconds per product. The automatic assignment of categories, image imports or even a logical import of configurable products (variant articles) with associated individual products has not been possible at all up to now with Magento on-board means. With the Magento High Speed Import Extension developed by web-vision, you can now reliably and securely import thousands of products into your Magento store within a few minutes.

To the MHSI documentation

What can the Magento High Speed Import Extension do?

  • NEW (from version 3.0): Graphical user interface for creating, managing import profiles and for manual execution.
  • NEW (from version 3.0): XML to CSV conversion
  • Import of configurable and simple products in Magento 1 or 2.
  • Assignment of cross-selling, up-selling and accessories products.
  • Assignment of product images without naming in the file per SKU and file suffix
  • Import of special prices for customer groups (from Magento 1.7)
  • Import of graduated prices for customer groups (from Magento 1.7)
  • Any number of configurable import profiles (e.g. for different data formats from different manufacturers)
  • Complete import of simple and configurable products (= variant items with any attributes) and their assignment among each other
  • Automatic import of attribute values of any kind incl. filter or selection options
  • Import of any number of images
  • Automatic assignment of images based on the article number
  • Assignment of products to the respective categories
  • Categories can be assigned optionally by IDs and category names
  • Categories can be nested product-related
  • Automatic creation of non-existing categories in Magento
  • Output of error messages in case of faulty import file
  • Time-controlled import via CronJob possible (e.g. for stock updates)
  • Update mode - e.g. for quick updates of individual attributes such as names, stock quantities or sizes

How fast can products be imported into Magento?

The import of 16,000 products into a running Magento store took place within 8 minutes. With approx. 1,000 configurable and simple products, the import took place in 20 seconds. Due to the extremely high speed of the extension, quasi real-time connections to various merchandise management systems and databases could already be realized several times.



  • Since 08.03.2021 the MHSI is available as open source under GPL3.0 free of charge on GitHub.
  • Creation of an import definition: on request according to effort

Also available

  • Magento Essential Attributes - adds the essential product attributes to the shopping cart, checkout process, transaction emails and PDF documents.
  • Magento Shopping Export - for regular exchange to shopping portals like Google Shopping, idealo, preisroboter, mybestbrands, belboon, mö or for automatic price list creation.
  • Mage UniTY - connect Magento and TYPO3 easily and ideally for search engine optimization.

Extendware - Magento extension development studio now part of the web-vision family

In the first quarter of 2022, web-vision succeeded in acquiring the well-known Magento extension developer Extendware in a promising deal: With the acquisition of Extendware, more than 70 Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions are now under the care and support of web-vision.

Magento store owners can therefore sit back and relax, rely on web-vision's many years of expertise and eagerly await the further expansion and developments around the Extendware brand. Read more...