DeepL Translate - Early-Access-Program

In the Early Access Program for the DeepL Translate extension for TYPO3, partners receive the following services and benefits:

  • Access to version 4.x of wv_deepltranslate for TYPO3 12 LTS and 11 LTS
  • Access to the code repository for 12 months, access for Composer users for 15 months
  • Preferential access to support services
  • Logo and back-link on the DeepL Translate page
  • Preview: Access to demo instances with exclusive insights
  • Exclusive: Enable Translated Content add-on - Activates all translated content on a page at the touch of a button. No more tedious activation of individual content elements.
  • Exclusive: Add-on DeepL Translate Assets translates file metadata in TYPO3's Filelist module
  • Exclusive: Add-on DeepL Translate Bulk translates pages incl. subpages and content elements asynchronously.
  • Exclusive: Add-on DeepL Translate Auto-Renew automatically creates translations and renews content when the originals are edited.
  • NEW: Billing of the DeepL API key against invoice (no credit card required)

DeepL Translate for TYPO3 - Early Access Program

The further development of the extension wv_deepltranslate for TYPO3 has so far been supported by sponsorship from individual German universities and public institutions. The main contribution to the continuous development and creation of new functions for the extension has so far been made primarily by web-vision. In the last few months alone, more than 350 hours have been invested in bug fixes, new functions and the upgrade for TYPO3 version 12.

Since TYPO3 version 9, the extension has continuously supported the latest TYPO3 version and also offers free support for older versions.

The 3.0 release of wv_deepltranslate supports the three older TYPO3 versions 9 LTS, 10 LTS and 11 LTS and has been installed over 60,000 times. 
The 4.0 release of wv_deepltranslate supports the latest TYPO3 version 12 LTS and TYPO3 11 LTS.

With the release of TYPO3 version 12 and due to increasing feature requests from the community and users, we are now .looking for partners to support further development through the Early Access Program.

Partners of the Early Access Program for the wv_deepltranslate extension for TYPO3 receive exclusive benefits such as additional add-on functions, access to the code repository, the latest updates, initial installation support and the opportunity to influence further development directly through feature requests.

In addition, all partners receive a prominent mention of their name including a backlink in the publicly available version, as well as the possibility of a logo link here on the website.

DeepL Translate Add-ons:

As part of the early access program for the DeepL Translate extension for TYPO3, the following add-ons are also available:

DeepL Asset Translate: Translations for images, documents and files

With DeepL Translate for TYPO3, it has always been possible to fully automatically translate embedded documents or images within a content element. This meant that alt texts, title texts or image captions in translated content were automatically translated with DeepL.

The new add-on DeepL Asset Translate now adds new functions to TYPO3's Filelist module to automatically translatemeta data of files for alternative languages with DeepL. Even if content elements on pages are no longer translated with DeepL during translation, TYPO3 can fall back on the already translated meta data of the files. The translation using DeepL Asset Translate thus conserves the available DeepL API contingent.

DeepL Bulk Translate: bulk translations of pages and content elements

The automatic mass translation of pages or entire page trees has so far been one of the most requested functions for the DeepL Translate extension for TYPO3.

With the now available developer preview version of mass translation, this wish can now be fulfilled via the context menu in the TYPO3 page tree. In a submenu of the context menu, it is possible to either pre-number a single page or the page including the subpages below it recursively for mass translation.

The configurable scheduler then processes the pages marked for mass translation asynchronously in configurable batches, intervals and at any time. The asynchronous processing is intended to ensure that the DeepL API or your own server is not overloaded and that the translation process can also take place outside of regular working hours.

Automatically translate new content - Auto-Translation

As soon as a TYPO3 website has been translated into several languages, editors want new pages and content to be translated automatically. Previously, this required the responsible editor to initiate the translation process manually, check the translated content and finally release it for publication. With the introduction of the auto-translate function, this process is now considerably simplified.

In the TYPO3 instance, the auto-translate function can be activated or deactivated directly in the site configuration for the desired pages. This allows administrators to selectively enable the function for individual pages of a multisite instance. Further configuration options for activating or deactivating auto-translation can be found in the individually configured language settings in order to control the function for specific languages.

Once the auto-translate function has been configured, the alternative language versions are automatically created when new pages are created and the page properties are automatically translated by DeepL. If an editor creates a new content element on the page, the translation is also carried out automatically in all configured languages. The editorial work is then limited to checking and publishing the content.

Automatic comparison of content to be revised - Renew Translation

If several languages are managed on a TYPO3 website, editors often work in the default language or their native language. Even if the pages are occasionally translated into other languages, it can happen that updates in the translated content elements are overlooked.

The renew translation function of DeepL Translate for TYPO3 helps editors to keep original content and translations of content in sync.

The renew translation and auto-translate functions are closely linked and offer corresponding switches in the page configuration, the individual language settings and the page properties.

Once configured and activated, the renew translation ensures that linked translations of pages and content elements are updated with DeepL as soon as the original content element is changed and saved.

Publish translations with one click: Enable Translated Content

When you create a translation of content elements in TYPO3, TYPO3 usually assumes that these are hidden first. This is to ensure that the necessary content can be entered in the translated languages, then checked and finally released and published.

For this purpose, it is editorially necessary to check and activate each individual content element so that the translation is then displayed on the alternative language page. This task is tedious and time-consuming, especially for content pages with many different content elements.

The "Enable Translated Content" add-on extension now enables web editorial staff in the TYPO3 page module to publish all translated content elements on a page with a single click, saving valuable time. The extension has been developed without any direct dependency on DeepL Translate and can therefore also be operated independently of it.

Put an end to incorrectly translated technical terms thanks to the new glossary function

As already described at the beginning, many of the common, free translation services fail particularly quickly with technical terms or terms with specific meanings in different languages.

Thanks to the new glossary function in wv_deepltranslate, this is no longer the case. Create individual glossary entries centrally at the click of a mouse and assign individual, true-to-meaning translations to the terms.

If you have stored the desired term in the glossary, you can store the corresponding definition in the localization language in the next step.

All glossary entries and their translations can be clearly viewed in list form in the TYPO3 backend and easily changed if required.

DeepL Translate - Early-Access-Partner

DeepL Translate - Feature Sponsors

Our new TYPO3 extension wv_deepltranslate with extended functionalities and glossary feature

Automatically translated texts using Google Translate or similar services are largely considered to be of inferior quality and their results tend to be smiled at, even considered nonsensical, especially in the professional environment and are primarily used for general amusement. But DeepL, unlike these providers, takes a different technical approach and delivers high-quality translations thanks to constantly learning neural networks.

But what is the reason for this? Anyone who has ever used such translation services will probably have their own personal anecdotes to tell regarding gloriously illogical translations. Most of these translators have a solid basic repertoire of everyday terms, but fail when it comes to technical content, terms with multiple meanings, Anglicisms, or simply the overall context of the text. Thus, "side dishes" can easily become "accessories for dishes" instead of the intended side dishes for the main course.

The TYPO3 DeepL Translate Extension developed by web-vision is available for the current TYPO3 versions 10.4 and 11.5 LTS, but also supports installations based on TYPO3 version 9.5 ELTS. It can be downloaded for free from the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) or from GitHub. Further links can be found at the bottom of the page.

DeepL - the professional platform for automatic translations

Anyone who is familiar with machine-aided translations such as those provided by Google Translate or other services will initially be sceptical about the quality of automatic translations. It is not uncommon for the translated texts to be rather funny and not very meaningful, rather than contributing to meaningful communication. Specialist content or Anglicisms also pose a particular challenge, which often causes translation services to falter at the very least.

DeepL, is a technology company based in Cologne, Germany, that specializes in the development of artificial intelligence for languages. Since summer 2017, DeepL Translator has been available as a website at, where it offers a free machine translation system based on neural networks that produces translations of unprecedented quality.

DeepL Pro, released in March 2018, is an extension of this platform, providing a product that offers a professional API (interface) and enhanced translation capabilities on the web. This is exactly where web-vision's development comes in.

Functionality of the TYPO3 extension wv_deepltranslate

After integrating the extension into your TYPO3 installation, DeepL Translate enables your editors to translate your content fully automatically directly in the TYPO3 backend. Through a direct, multi-step communication with the DeepL API, the translation takes place within a few seconds.

The translated content is created fully automatically in the TYPO3 backend as an additional page language and with all existing content elements. After a visual check and, if necessary, corrections, your editor can then release the translated content for the alternative page language with a simple click.

The effort required to manage multilingual websites and create texts, as well as to create new localizations of your website, is significantly reduced by using TYPO3 and wv_deepltranslate.

Test automatic translation with TYPO3 and DeepL

Call this page here in German. The complete translation was done automatically with TYPO3 and DeepL, without revision by an editor.

The translation workflow in the TYPO3 backend

Once you have created a content in the default language of your website, you have several options to translate it comfortably directly in the backend. The DeepL Translate Extension for TYPO3 works in the page view as well as in the list view and allows you to use all translation functions in your individual, preferred backend view.

The extension guides you through the comfortable translation workflow after clicking on the "Translate" button (page view) or on the flag of the desired target translation (list view). There are 6 different procedures available to you.

Simply select the desired translation path and follow the corresponding instructions. Find here an exemplary execution after selecting the option "Translate DeepL Autodetect".

After confirming the selection of the content items to be translated, you will receive your translation within a few seconds.

In our example presented here, the translation process including automatic attachment of the translated content took 3 seconds from start to finish.

For whom is the TYPO3 extension DeepL Translate suitable?

The extension wv_deepltranslate is suitable for websites or platforms that want to have large amounts of content translated quickly, accurately and reliably in an automated way. The target groups of our development are therefore especially universities with multilingual websites, as well as other TYPO3-based multi-lingual websites.

DeepL Translate enables you to have professional translations of any content at the push of a button and without lengthy coordination with translation agencies. If you increasingly use technical terms in your online communication, you can also be sure of their correct translation thanks to the integrated glossary function.

DeepL Translate News

Automatic translations with TYPO3: wv_deepltranslate - Early Access programme launched

The TYPO3 extension wv_deepltranslate offers a seamless integration of DeepL translations into your website. With this extension, you can quickly and easily translate content into multiple languages automatically from within TYPO3 to expand your international reach. The new version 4 of wv_deepltranslate is already compatible with TYPO3 v12 and available in early access for partners. Find out here how you can become a partner.

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DeepL Translate version 3.0 for TYPO3 released

Die neue 3.0 Version der wv_deepltranslate Extension für TYPO3 ermöglicht eine nahtlose Integration von DeepL-Übersetzungen in Ihre Website. Mit dieser Erweiterung können Sie schnell und einfach Inhalte in mehrere Sprachen automatisch aus TYPO3 heraus übersetzen lassen, um Ihre internationale Reichweite zu erweitern.

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Further information about web-vision DeepL Translate Extension

The TYPO3 extension "wv_deepltranslate" or also called "DeepL Translate" for TYPO3 is not an offer of DeepL SE, Maarweg 165, 50825 Cologne. The TYPO3 extension and its add-ons are developed by web-vision GmbH for TYPO3.

Access to the DeepL API subscription is required for use. This is available as a DeepL developer subscription for €4.99 per month (as of 05/2024). You pay for the translation service based on your individual usage (€20.00 per 1,000,000 translated characters).

If you are running a multilingual Magento store and would like to have a similar functionality for fast, fully automated translations of product information or store content, then discover here our Magento 2 extension DeepL Translator!

(Note: The feature set of the Magento extension differs from the TYPO3 DeepL Translate extension).