DeepL - the professional platform for automatic translations

Anyone who is familiar with machine-aided translations such as those provided by Google Translate or other services will initially be sceptical about the quality of automatic translations. It is not uncommon for the translated texts to be rather funny and not very meaningful, rather than contributing to meaningful communication. Specialist content or Anglicisms also pose a particular challenge, which often causes translation services to falter at the very least.

DeepL, is a technology company based in Cologne, Germany, that specializes in the development of artificial intelligence for languages. Since summer 2017, DeepL Translator has been available as a website at, where it offers a free machine translation system based on neural networks that produces translations of unprecedented quality.

DeepL Pro, released in March 2018, is an extension of this platform, providing a product that offers a professional API (interface) and enhanced translation capabilities on the web. This is exactly where web-vision's development comes in.

Test automatic translation with TYPO3 and DeepL

Call this page here in German. The complete translation was done automatically with TYPO3 and DeepL, without revision by an editor.

Automatic translations at the push of a button with TYPO3 and DeepL

The TYPO3 DeepL Translate Extension developed by web-vison is currently available for TYPO3 versions 9 and 10 LTS. It can be downloaded free of charge from the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) or from GitHub. Once the extension has been integrated into TYPO3, editors can use it to have texts translated automatically in the TYPO3 backend. The actual machine translation, which can be triggered by four simple steps, is achieved by transmitting the content via an interface (API) from TYPO3 to Deepl and back.

The translation then takes place fully automatically, within a few seconds. The translated content is created as an additional page language, with all content elements in the TYPO3 backend fully automatically. The editor can then, after a visual check and, if necessary, corrections, release the translated content for the alternative page language.

The effort required to manage and maintain a multilingual website is greatly reduced by the use of TYPO3 and wv_deepltranslate.

Further information about TYPO3 and DeepL

The TYPO3 wv_deepltranslate extension requires access to the DeepL API. This is available as a Deepl developer subscription for 4,99 EUR per month(as of 03/2021). You pay according to your usage (20,00 € per 1.000.000 translated characters).


Notice: This complete page including all its content (excluding this notice) was automatically translated with TYPO3 and DeepL from German to English without manual adjustments by an editor.