Content Management with TYPO3

In a fast-moving time like today and especially on the Internet, companies are increasingly dependent on always providing their customers with the information that sets them apart from their market competitors as quickly as possible and, of course, keeps them up to date. Because it is still true: Nothing is as old as yesterday's news.

Many enterprises set thereby on agencies those you the desired messages to let and pay the service of the Website care under acceptance of waiting periods and partial unnecessary correction loops. web vision creates with de assigned content management system TYPO3 a basis for a simple Website care and clarifies:

"If you can write a Word document, you can also update your website yourself with TYPO3."

In the large market of content management systems, we have deliberately chosen TYPO3 and use it for small, medium and large companies, NGOs and public and educational institutions.

After completion of your TYPO3 website, we will show you how to independently manage and update the latest company news within minutes, as well as all content on your website, or how to insert and edit images and videos. TYPO3 itself is a free content management framework which allows a maximum of individualization due to its enormous flexibility.

TYPO3 is currently the most secure, stable and flexible open source enterprise CMS, which is particularly characterized by its scalability, its almost infinite extensibility and a solid basis for data exchange with third-party systems (ERP, store systems, CRM, etc.).

What was originally intended as a development tool for medium to large websites, developed in recent years due to the very loyal and active community to the absolute reference in the Internet industry. It was not least the enormous extensibility that contributed to the popularity of TYPO3. Several thousands of so-called extensions serve the purpose of almost arbitrary use of TYPO3 on the web.

These are extensions to TYPO3 developed by the community. And since the community consists in large parts of programmers who come in contact with customer wishes and requirements in their daily business, the developed extensions are always close to the target group. If these extensions are not individual enough for your purposes, we are happy to develop your individual solution, according to your specifications, in-house.

Individual design & professional project management.

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