Mage UniTY: Better SEO content through integration of TYPO3 in Magento

Benefit from the professional content management features of TYPO3 and combine them with the e-commerce advantages of Magento. Mage UniTY delivers SEO features otherwise reserved for the largest websites:

  • Versioned and scheduled content for better on-page content
  • Individual SEO content for filter and pagination pages
  • Individual SEO content for products and product variants 
  • Rule-based and individual content delivery in combination with Mautic 
  • marketing automation
  • and much more

Invidual SEO content also for filters or pagination pages

Usually, a category page in an online shop contains hundreds or even thousands of products. Here, the customer can then "scroll" to the next page by means of pagination or filter his selection on the basis of product features. 

The standard procedure for most online shops is to add an appendix to the URL of the category, for example "&p=2" for the 2nd page or "?colour=51" for a certain colour. 

However, this circumstance poses some problems: 

  • While products change, content such as SEO texts, supplementary category images remain and do not change. 
  • In the "best case", the user does not see any matching content to his product selection and thus receives a negative user experience. 
  • Google and other search services usually index content based on the URL.
  • Regardless of whether you list 10, 100 or thousands of products on a URL, the address used is always assigned to a content page for Google. In fact, Google predominantly only uses the overarching content. 

This is exactly what Mage UniTY remedies. With Mage UniTY, it is possible to deliver each pagination page with an individual page title, a unique canonical URL and SEO and content marketing content that matches the products.  All pagination pages and filters can then be customized as desired and transferred to Google for indexing via Google Sitemap.

Top rankings on google & co.

With the option to provide each category subpage or pagination page and also filter pages with individual content, you can combine almost countless content pages from different product attributes and provide them with relevant content for your users.

This has an immediate and lasting positive effect on the rankings for these keywords.

Ultimately, this increases the number of visits and traffic for your Magento shop through organic search hits. The overall experience of your users when visiting your shop increases. 

Magento and TYPO3 CMS - the perfect team with Mage UniTY

With Mage UniTY, all the functions of TYPO3, such as granular rights management, workflows, time-controlled content, versioning of content, over 1,800 available TYPO3 extensions, and much more, are available to you for the expansion of your online shop. When integrating both systems, either existing Magento templates are used as a basis for the output, or can be integrated from TYPO3.

Existing Magento templates do not have to be adapted separately for the integration. Through the use of Mage UniTY, content pages, magazines, SEO landing pages, newsletters, etc. can in future be easily created via TYPO3, provided with any content and managed. Complete navigation structures can be automatically transferred to Magento without manual linking.