We understand our clients

Our task as an internet agency is to place our customers in the best possible way on the web, but since this is about more than just the external presentation and it is important to us to understand our customers, we talked to them about their challenges in marketing their respective companies and found parallels in all of them.

  • Return on Investment - The person in charge needs to be able to prove the value of the investment to their colleagues and superiors.
  • Responsibilities - What can my teams deliver and what services am I better off buying?
  • Customer decision processes - Companies need an efficient sales tool on the Internet, as the purchase decision process has changed significantly due to increased Internet usage and is made on the Internet.
  • Shorter product life cycles - The traditional product life cycle has rapidly shortened and requires efficient marketing strategies.
  • Customer loyalty - There is a need for companies to win back customers - even those who are actually loyal - who were lost to low-cost providers during the economic crisis.
  • Operational, tactical and strategic goals - How do I establish my company in the short, medium and long term in the modern market?
  • Portfolio management - Local or global, adapting or innovating?
  • Fuzzy market boundaries - Companies need to show themselves as responsive beyond their core competency. The one-product company is falling away.
  • Smarter budgets - How do I increase value while decreasing costs? How do I get more for less?
  • Planned use of resources - How far can I push my product and at what point does it no longer make sense to use more resources?