Magento 2 store based on the Hyvä theme

Lightning fast loading times thanks to Magento 2.4 and Hyvä Theme

At the end of 2021, the Magento store for the Bremen-based specialist retailer Parkettkaiser received an upgrade to Magento 2.4, including a series of Google Pagespeed optimizations based on the Hyvä theme, which enabled us to consistently reduce the average loading time of the store by 46.20% to under 2.5 seconds. This means that we are now no less than 1 second below Google's recommended optimum of 3.5 seconds.

Conversion optimization through improved mobile experience

Another aspect that was addressed during the project was the optimization of usability on the category pages. The increasing number of users on mobile devices requires optimal user guidance and usability of the store, even on small screens. By adapting the category pages for mobile devices, we were able to demonstrably generate more conversions and fundamentally win more users for the online store.


Simplification of processes and user-centeredness should be at the heart of every development nowadays, because no one likes lengthy, multi-step and complicated ordering processes. In the worst case, these distract the user from the actual purchasing process and end up in a bounce. The focus of any development should be to get the user to the desired destination as quickly and easily as possible.

For example, by extremely shortening the ordering process for parquet samples in the form of a single-step form, we were able to record a significant increase in sample orders. The superfluous steps were removed from the form and the user receives his desired parquet sample with just a few clicks and entries. Order generation takes place directly in Magento and is linked to SAP Business One.

Multilingual online store with Magento and automated translations with DeepL

Multilingualism? No problem thanks to Magento and DeepL! The Parkettkaiser online store is currently already available in four languages (German, English, French and Spanish) and impresses with its clean translation mechanisms and optimal customer approach in all countries. By integrating the new Extendware DeepL Translation Extension, new translations for additional international markets can be created quickly and easily in the future, thus enabling a particularly short time-to-market.

The Magento 2 DeepL Extension will be released soon via Extendware. The documentation can already be viewed here.


Parkettkaiser has its origins in a dealer tradition of over 60 years. Today, the specialist for parquet and wooden floors, founded as a family business, has established itself as a global player in the market for living with wood. Parkettkaiser offers flooring in a multilingual Magento online store, where customer orientation continues to be a top priority.