Your Cloud, Your Data, Your Way!

ownCloud is a flexible software solution based on OpenSource, with the help of which you can give easy and secure access to relevant data - anytime and anywhere - with any device. Since ownCloud runs on your own or rented server hardware in German data centers, it is 100% DSGVO compliant.

With ownCloud you can access your files everywhere.

In addition, ownCloud also synchronizes contacts, appointments and bookmarks on all your devices and allows them to be edited via the web.

ownCloud convinces with innovative features

From shared text editing in the cloud, to a store for product and feature extensions - ownCloud shows what is possible with file synchronization and sharing.

As ownCloud Solution Partner, web-vision offers the complete ownCloudportfolio to run and maintain an ownCloud instance on your server.

In addition, web-vision offers specialized ownCloud services, such as the Integration of TYPO3 user uploads via ownCloud for protected user areas., single sign-on connection via TYPO3 as Oauth-Provier, ownCloud branding and layout customizations.

The challenge

Today, almost every employee or business partner needs access to up-to-date data anywhere, at any time and from any device in order to complete tasks in the best possible way. The main challenge for enterprises is to ensure that information is secure, compliant with internal policies, and available to all relevant employees in a controlled manner. However, open cloud solutions are often insecure, and access to companies' local data structures is often difficult for their employees and only accessible locally.

The solution

Together with web-visions newest partner ownCloud Solutions we now offer a service to share files and synchronize them, regardless of the size of the company. This enables access to all relevant data, regardless of the Internet-enabled device, providing full flexibility in work design and allowing tasks to be completed anywhere and at any time.

Synchronization and sharing

You define which individuals or even groups have access to folders and files you define. These people can view, download, synchronize and update the shared files - regardless of the input device.


Whether you and your employees work with a fixed computer, a laptop, a virtual desktop on a browser or with a mobile device; with ownCloud your data is always in sync and available for you and your employees.

The ownCloud synchronization wizards are available for all major platforms such as Windows PCs, Linux and macOS, Android OS and iOS.

100% control for your data

You define how and where you store your data, who may have access to it and how it should be handled according to your company specifications.

Storage on your own server is 100% DSGVO-compliant possible.

No stress when sharing files

Any user can easily create a URL for a file inside an ownCloud folder and include it in an email or similar way, ensuring short-term access to it. This way you avoid huge file attachments in emails. Just send the link via email, in a Word document, in an instant message or any other way. Click on the link to trigger a direct download.

Central administration and management

A clear and easy-to-use administration and reporting interface provides easy access to user and group management, storage, rights management, plug-in configurations, log files and more.

Flexible and extensible architecture

Individual customizations of ownCloud are also easily possible through corresponding plug-ins, thus enabling extended functionality.


Customize your ownCloud to your company. Fonts, colors and logos can be customized to make you think your ownCloud has always been part of your company. Show your business partners that your ownCloud is yours and give them a sense of security when using ownCloud with your individual design.