Breffka & Hehnke Insurance Agency

Now mobile ready and a decade with TYPO3

As a free and independent family business, Breffka & Hehnke have been competent partners in all insurance matters for three generations. Together with the z.B. advertising agency, web-vision realized the responsive website based on TYPO3 in the style of a one-page website.

A decade with TYPO3

The previous website was developed more than 9 years ago, originally on the basis of TYPO3 version 4.2.6. This old TYPO3 version already used an extension for TYPO3 that allowed registered and authorized users to generate insurance certificates and download and save them in PDF format. During the development of the new website, web-vision took over the further development of this extension and modernized it. This meant that the certificate extension for insurance companies could continue to be used in the current TYPO3 version on the new, responsive website.

This means that TYPO3 can boast what is probably an unbeatable software service life among content management systems.

During the further development of the new Breffka & Hehnke website, the registration and approval process for new users has been revised so that Breffka & Hehnke employees can now register new customers directly on the website. After a defined period of inactivity, existing users are automatically reminded to log in again and asked to check their user and access data.

Customer area enables access to ownCloud and certificates

The new, protected area for registered customers within Breffka & Hehnke gives users the opportunity to access their own certificates and documents.

A self-hosted ownCloud and certificate manager were connected here using Single Sign-On (Oauth2). If the customer is registered in the TYPO3 system and activated by Breffka & Hehnke, they automatically receive access to the two applications with secure user areas.

A simple dashboard serves as an entry point to the activated customer areas.

Breffka & Hehnke

As a free and independent family business, Breffka & Hehnke has been a competent partner in all insurance matters for three generations and, as an insurance broker in the form of a multiple agent, the link between selected insurance companies and customers.

For over 90 years, Breffka & Hehnke has been working with all well-known insurers in the German and international market.