DSI Underground

20 countries, 11 languages, 10 multisites - one TYPO3 instance

Worldwide websites with TYPO3

As a globally active company, it is important for DSI Underground to have a quick and easy presence on all continents. DSI Underground has therefore been relying on the TYPO3 expertise of web-vision for years and presents itself internationally with a TYPO3 multisite in the APAC, EMEA & CIS, North America and LATAM markets.

TYPO3 Multisite for 20 countries

Thanks to the outstanding support of different languages and regions and the sophisticated rights system, TYPO3 was also able to fully exploit its advantages in the worldwide setup requested by DSI Underground.

The TYPO3 multisite instance of DSI Underground Wordwide ensures the website presence in the regions and countries Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico, Austria, Czech Republic, Peru, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA.

In some cases, individual countries or brand presences are accessible with separate top-level domains - all maintainable via one TYPO3 instance.

Case studies with filtering

DSI Underground's case studies and worldwide projects are indexed globally in the TYPO3 instance and enriched with information for all multisites using a Solr search server. The case studies are available via filtering as well as via a traditional website search.

The filters for the application areas "Tunnel construction" or "Mining" are preselected as the basic setting for the case studies. Further filters in the areas of region, product or country are of course also available in multiple languages on every TYPO3 Multisite website.

All case studies are realized with their own page type in TYPO3 and have a detail page. This provides further information on the implemented project, the products used and the project participants.

TYPO3 and Cloudflare - a perfect team

Cloudflare provides a Content Delivery Network (CDN) at over 200 locations worldwide. web-vision has implemented the Cloudflare connection and hosting integration in TYPO3, so that optimizations to the website in terms of security and speed can be carried out "at the push of a button" via Cloudflare. If required, even the Cloudflare caches can be emptied by editors via the TYPO3 backend.

Clean up TYPO3 automatically

TYPO3 installations are known to be very long-lasting. It is not uncommon for TYPO3 instances to be operated for several years, developed further and constantly updated with new content. If a strict file storage system with a careful storage and deletion concept has been established from the outset, it can happen that old files are "lost" in the file system. This gradually increases the storage space on the server. Files that have not been needed for a long time continue to slumber in various folders and live there in the shadows.

This is exactly where the wv_filecleanup extension developed by web-vision comes in. The extension checks an analysis of the files used in the TYPO3 system on a time-controlled basis with editorial support and provides editors with a template for deletable files. If desired, the process can even be fully automated so that unused files are deleted completely automatically.

DSI Underground

DSI Underground is the world's leading supplier of products, systems and solutions for mining and tunneling. We are represented in 70 countries and employ over 2,000 people, including engineers and technical specialists with many years of experience in underground construction.